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Commercial Enquiries

If you're a large consumer of water or a water industry participant, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We are the only company in the UK that provides Natural Mineral Water in Boxes and bottles to water cooler customers. You could consider upgrading to our water and experiencing our truly excellent customer service. Without happy customers, we're nothing, and you'll see that we genuinely believe this.


Box Water Cooler Re-sales

If you are interested in becoming our re-seller, get in touch. We're an ideal partner for POU cooler businesses.

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Box Cooler Commercial customers

If your business requires multiple coolers, please call us for a quote.

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Boxed Water 

Would you like to purchase bulk quantities of boxed water as stand-alone product? It's perfect for ship crews, festivals etc.


Bottle Water Cooler Commercial Customers

If you're considering bottle water coolers for your business, we guarantee our water and service will be unmatched!


Contract Bottling

We welcome enquiries from water cooler companies who would like to improve their water


Plumbed-in (POU) Coolers

We offer Plumbed-In coolers as a complementary offering to our Box and Bottle water coolers

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