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What's so Great About Our Box Coolers?

Our box coolers offer you a host of advantages, financial, environmental and otherwise


Because each box comes with a recyclable tap, every time you empty the box, you start again with a brand new tap.

The water flows straight from the box into your glass, so never comes in contact with any part of the cooler.

No air bubbles back into the box, so there's no risk of airborne contaminants affecting the purity of the water

Because our water is 100% protected from the light and completely sealed from the air, the water has a shelf-life of at least 12 months.



We're able to locate our depots in city centre locations, so you'll never have a delay in receiving your water.

We'll  look after your or last-minute requests to your complete satisfaction. If we can't deliver, our courier will!

With boxed water, you don't need to store empty bottles. Just simply put the boxes into your recycling and order more when you need it.

You can use our app to set the ideal temperature.

You'll spend a fraction of the time managing your hydration needs!

Great Looks!

With one of our freestanding units you'll be able to store up to 52 litres of water in your cooler. One in the cooler compartment, and 3 boxes in the storage pedestal.

Gone are the days of storing spares and empties beside the cooler.

It's tidy, and our glass-fronted doors are pure class!

If you like, you can opt for an interactive app-controlled LED display to display notices,  your business logo, show off that you're providing natural mineral water, or even advertise on the front door!



Our Box Coolers are an ideal way to offer your family, staff and visitors the highest quality Natural Mineral Water conveniently and without the need to buy disposable small bottles. 

Not only does it benefit the environment, but it saves you a fortune! 

Apart from all of that, The Well Water aims to be carbon neutral by 2025 and all of our delivery fleet will be sustainably electric by the end of 2023.

We've 80 acres on our estate, so we've plenty of room to generate sustainable electricity to power our business.



How often can you upgrade and save money at the same time?

The box cooler saves your business time in reducing the work involved in managing your bottle water cooers.

There are no bottle deposits, you need fewer deliveries because boxes are so easy to store, you don't need to allocate storage space to empty bottles and there's virtually no paperwork.

As a replacement for drinking water bottles, the economies are clear.

One 12.75L box contains the equivalent of 39, 330ml bottles or 51, 250ml bottles.

In fact it probably saves you more, if you think about the partly emptied bottles that are left on the table.

Save electricity by controlling the operating hours via our app!


Let your customers and staff know that you're looking after them by providing not just any old water, but Natural Mineral Water.

Our quality box coolers will create a positive impression for your visitors and are an ideal addition to any reception, boardroom or waiting area.

Rather than place disposable plastic or glass bottles in your boardroom, why not fill your visitors' glasses from your Natural Mineral water dispenser, chilled to the perfect temperature.

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