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Carbon Neutral by 2025

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Having launched our super-handy and hygienic boxed water coolers in 2022, our young business is determined to be as green and as socially positive as we possibly can be.

Wheat Field

our commitment to our world

We're privileged to own our water source on 80 acres of pristine certified organic land in the Lammermuir Hills of the Scottish Borders. Our outlook is that every little helps, so in our little corner of the world, we're planting 20 acres of birdseed meadows and 20 beehives. To follow soon will be 20 acres of native species forestry.

The rest of our land is dedicated organic meadow.

On the business end, we have started the process of generating all of the electricity required for our operation on-site through renewable wind and solar sources.

All of our delivery vehicles will be electric by the end of 2023

Our aim is to be carbon neutral by the end of 2025. Because we've started our journey in early 2023, we've set ourselves an ambitious goal, but we're confident that we'll reach it. It's one of the upsides of having so much space for renewable generation.

Our boxed water coolers system is designed to take vehicles off our streets in order to cut down on congestion to protect our air quality

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