Aqueduct – The Well Water Ltd supplies water and unique next generation water coolers. No more big bottles around the office, which require considerable effort to replace. No more sanitisation required. Read below to see the seven wonders of our Bag and Box concept:

  1. BPA Free certified – Our packaging does not contain BPA chemicals.
  2. Save Space – 40 litres of water can be stored in the cooler.
  3. Save the Environment – Fully recyclable box and no collection of empty bottles.
  4. No sanitisation required as each box of water contains it’s own fresh water tapvan-man
  5. Perfect Water – Our Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water (uK) and Glencar Spring Water (Ireland) is bagged and boxed at site. Our coolers chill the water to your perfect chosen temperature with its energy efficient sleep mode ensuring power saving when you don’t need to be hydrated.
  6. No weight lifting training needed to replace an empty box of water as our 10 or 12.75 litre boxes are more manageable and within Health and Safety guidelines
  7. Cooler Image – The cooler looks fabulous!



Give your team the best water you can at no extra cost

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