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Welcome to the Well Water, the home of pure Natural Mineral Water drawn from our organic estate in the Lammermuir Hills and delivered hassle-free to your door. Enjoy the benefits of our revolutionary box water cooler which brings healthy hydration to everyone.

Our Subscriptions

We deliver free or discounted delivery to our London and Edinburgh Service areas. Register your details or call or chat with us to find out if we can deliver to you

Boxed Water Cooler

Choose from our counter-top and freestanding storage coolers for a modern, sleek and tidy look

Water in a Box

Enjoy our Natural Mineral Water directly from the box, delivered to your door, and easy to store

Bottle Water Cooler

Want to enjoy the finest quality of water in the land from a bottle cooler, with top-class customer service and a sleek cooler?

Plumbed- In Cooler

To complement your natural mineral water enjoyment, enjoy the benefits of a plumbed cooler for those high-usage and public areas

Bottled Purity

Water -the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

Our pristine water fell as rain at least 100 years ago and has percolated through the limestone and sandstone layers unique to the Lammermuir Hills.  During its journey to our 125metre deep aquafer it's dissolved a unique combination of minerals which give our water its unique properties.

Guaranteed microplastics-free, and free from any manufactured chemicals or contaminants, our water is the purest you can drink

Composition                       Mg/Litre

Calcium                                    46.4

Sodium                                     12.6

Chloride                                   17.4

Sulphate                                   14.2

Nitrate                                      17.7

Nitrite                                       <0.05

Magnesium                              18.8

Hydrogen Carbonate             226

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 270

Suitable for a low sodium diet PH level 7.71 – refreshing slightly alkaline water

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