“We have had the opportunity of living with the new Aqueduct bag in box water machine in our busy AVS Head Office, and conclude that the system works well in delivering chilled fresh water to consumers which is most hygienic, tamper proof, and without any product storage issues.”
Brian Tustain, CEO, Associated Vending Services Ltd.


“We have been dealing with Aqueduct for a number of years now. The level of customer service we have received is first class and nothing is too much trouble for them. The coolers they supply have proved very reliable and also look great! We look forward to continued business with them in the future.”
Sam Roe, Managing Director, Intelligent Vending


“Having opened a new office in London we were looking for a water company who would take the hassle away from us. Aqueduct did just this. Ordering couldn’t be more straightforward, water is delivered straight to the door in a matter of days and there is no messing around arranging for empty bottles to be collected or cleaning to be arranged. The water boxes are easy to store and the water quality has always been fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Jessica Pluck, Office Manager, Misland Capital.


“Thank you so much for all your help organizing our “Bag in Box” cooler. We love it, and it has been an excellent option for us. The level of customer service you have provided for us has been amazing. Your staff are always so helpful and thorough”.
Carlos Segovia, Office Manager, Uber Interactive.


“I am happy to testify for the Aqueduct cooler. Having had them on our product portfolio several years now the feedback has been very positive. The bag in box concept allowed us to still market to those who required high quality drinking water. The fact that no sanitisation of the cooler itself and the nozzle is new every time the box is changed, really is a unique selling point within the industry”.
Simon P Wilkes, Director. Thirsty4Water / Wilkes Group.


“We … have been impressed with the product and the service. The machine is very slick looking and therefore fits more easily into our reception area. The water tastes great and the ability to alter the temperature is a bonus. Another bonus is the fact that the water containers stack neatly as they are in boxes, which saves a great deal of space compared to large water bottles on other machines. We are happy with the service and product and would happily recommend them to any company.”
Dr. Luther Moss, Owner. ML Chiropractors.


“I believe your system is so much better than the traditional bottled water coolers. The Purity of the water – due to little light and no air ever getting to contaminate the water, it stays sealed in the box up until the point of use. The simplicity of supply – when I find a new customer, all I do is remove the packaging and place the electric lead in the back of the cooler and plug in, knowing that I will not need to return to this machine. Having sold many hundreds of coolers I have not had a service issue with one yet. I love the ease that a box can be lifted and placed inside the cooler … Storage – another key advantage over bottled water … a client in Derbyshire started with 20 coolers for their workshops and within 3 months they increased this to 38 to service their offices. 33 months later they are still delighted and best of all I have not had to service or replace one unit! Green and sustainable – I find that more and more clients are interested in Eco systems and because both the bag with tap and the cardboard box are recyclable this helps my cause in selling the coolers and the water. Sanitization – because there is NO need to sanitize the coolers due to the water not passing through any unhygienic pipes or tanks, many of my clients clearly see this as a KEY factor in changing which basically sums up your company motto ‘Purity by Design’. I hope this reference is of use to you and if you wish to pass my contact details on to any of your prospective clients please feel free to do so!”
Leo Hanlon Evapure Northampton Ltd