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About Our Water

We’re not reinventing water, just how you enjoy it.

When it’s all said and done it’s the quality of your drinking water that really matters. You don’t want to be worrying or checking if your cooler has been sanitised properly and in the last 13 weeks, you don’t want to have to think about drinking BPA, manual handling or storage issues. You want to ‘be green’ but not pay extra for the pleasure.

Harrogate Spring water and The Well are the perfect combination of quality, taste and purity. Harrogate Spring water, located in North Yorkshire, is a privately owned company and has invested extensively in a state of the art production facility. This modern, clean and professionally run new facility was built in 2002.

Harrogate Spring water is recognised as one of the world’s premium waters… indeed it received the full 5 star rating in the prestigious ‘Fine Waters – A connoisseurs guide to the world’s most distinctive bottled waters’ stating that… ‘The water is very low in sodium and high in bicarbonate. The low nitrate level indicates an unspoiled source.

It was in 1596 that Dr. Timothy Bright, a physician to Queen Elizabeth, first sampled Harrogate water. He was so impressed by its unique mineral balance, that he recommended it to the  Queen and christened Harrogate “The English Spa”  – and so the word spa  – to describe a place of health promoting natural waters – entered the English language.