Come and drink at the well – for a long and prosperous life!

If you are in the water business and know, like we do, that it’s just not good enough – or if you are looking for an exciting new Greenfield business opportunity that has the potential for great margins and great fun… then we want to hear from you.

“The Well” is currently transforming a tired and defenceless (Global) Water Cooler Industry that is stuck in old style logistics and thinking.

  • If you are an established company who already operate in the B2B area and who want to set up a specialist water division – Call us.
  • If you are an individual with no prior water experience – but love selling and building great customer relationships, and now want to do it for yourself – call us.
  • If you are in the “Water Cooler” business but can foresee that its huge logistical overhead, lack of USP’s and inherently poor hygiene all add to a long term worry – but you love this great business space – then call us.
  • If you were in the water cooler business before prior to a lucrative sale to one of the big boys – but now miss the buzz – Call us.
  • If you have an established high quality water source and would like to become one of our global “local” Wellwater partners – then call us.

One small change in packaging technology has opened up a world of opportunity – and we want people who share our drive and global ambition to contact us.

Our interest is Global. So wherever in the world you are – if you are near people that drink water – Call us!!

Telephone Ireland (+353) 1 254 3280

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