Increase your water intake to promote weight loss


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We all know how easy it is to put on weight but weight loss is much more difficult.

Recent studies show that just increasing your water intake daily can help promote weight loss. Here are the simple facts. Water is one of the most important substances in our bodies. We can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water.

There are many health benefits to drinking water, some of which aid weight loss. Our kidneys need water to function properly and rid our bodies of nasty, unwanted toxins. When there is a lack of fluid our kidneys can’t function properly and so our liver must step in to help. This takes away from the livers main job of metabolising body fat and so weight loss stops. Hydrated cells increase our metabolism and so promote weigh loss.

It is recommended that we consume 8 glasses of water per day. Consuming this quantity of water daily promotes the release of adrenalin and norepinephrine which in turn burns more calories. Water also suppresses your appetite and prevents over eating. We often think that we are hungry when in fact we are just thirsty. Our brain can have difficulty distinguishing between hunger and thirst and so drinking a small glass of water when we think we are hungry can indeed prove that we were just thirsty. This will reduce snacking and hence promote weight loss.

Don’t forget to stay fully hydrated throughout the day with 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Hydrate and fell great with The Well.

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