Your water-cooler should not contaminate your water…


The hygiene problem with water bottles is inherent to the whole water-cooler reservoir design and distribution system, not simply individual examples of poor practice.

Poor design means that ‘old style’ water-coolers are supposed to be regularly sanitised, but testing has shown that this is not rigorously enforced. Even when it is, unfortunately, it doesn’t do the trick.

Hospital cooler guidelines actually stipulate where NOT to put coolers as they know what grows within them.

Sanitisation and cleaning are costly and time-consuming, when they happen.  If they happen. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our water never touches the cooler, as it empties it vacuums down on itself with zero office air contamination of your drinking water.

The Well doesn’t need any sanitisation. The water is sealed at source. The tap is new with each new refill box. When its empty you can recycle th waste. Start afresh.

No sanitisation needed.

No additional costs

No weekly cleaning

Just deliciously chilled, pure, safe water.



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