If you haven’t heard yet about BPA, you will soon…


June 2013 France bans BPA. Canada declares BPA a ‘toxic substance’.

We’ll start on a positive note: The Well is BPA-free. So what is BPA?

It stands for Bispenol A and is a sort of plastics ‘hardener’ used extensively to produce clear plastic products, including the bottles for water-coolers. Since 2008, increasingly, there are concerns that BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that can leach into your drinking water.

BPA has been shown to increase estrogen levels in men and women, and this can have many knock-on side effects, including possible increased rish of prostrate cancer and a lowered sperm count; and in women, can cause breast cancer.

Luckily you can avoid any BPA bottles concerns completely. With The Well, there is no risk from BPA as our water is certified BPA-free.

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